(2020) Extraordinary Measures (with Martin Stevens)

Extraordinary Measures
Sasha Opeiko + Martin Stevens
Featuring original soundtrack by honjok.

While the film is accessible on all smartphone and tablet devices, it is optimized for full-screen laptop or monitor.
It is recommended to view the film with high quality speakers or headphones.

Extraordinary Measures is a collaborative short film that conceptually responds to the Covid-19 physical distancing protocols, as well as the domestic experience of isolation during this time. How is our perception of the domestic space altered by the anxiety and fears associated with the invisible presence of a pandemic outside the safety of home? Our sense of scale and time, relative to the outside, is transformed. Malaise and purposelessness turn to inquisitive attentiveness and re-evaluation of overly familiar objects. Using the artists’ own home and various objects and furniture at hand, the film consists of staged scenes where two objects are separated by a two-meter yellow measuring stick.

The film partly recalls ‘memento mori’ still life, but at the same time is a lighthearted experiment of applying physical distancing rules to commonplace objects. Are things potential carriers of the virus? What is a safe distance and what is the true measure of a safe distance?

Supported by the City of Windsor’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF)