(2016) Selected Interior (with Martin Stevens)

Selected Interior by Sasha Opeiko & Martin Stevens is a collaborative kinetic camera obscura installation project. V.1 was presented at Common Ground Art Gallery in 2016. A room was built on site featuring a rotating screen, which reflected projections from four camera obscura apertures located on each of the four walls.

The camera obscura is an early optical system that has been used historically to assist artists in composition and rendering. This collaborative installation is a rendition of the optics of the camera obscura, but using multiple points of view. The installation uses four apertures instead of the traditional one. The apertures select what is then reflected in the everted space. It can be interpreted as an ontological fold (following the thought of philosopher Gilles Deleuze) as well as a physical space within a space. The rotating object in the middle of the dark space bends and folds the regular orientation of the viewer’s perception as it creases and distorts the real imagery. The installation is a site and light specific response to the gallery’s architecture.