(2013) Meta-Etcetera Hovercraft 1.0 (with Megan Press)

In collaboration with Megan Press.

<< Meta-Etcetera Hovercraft 1.0

Meta-Etcetera Hovercraft 1.0 is a makeshift collaborative project between Sasha Opeiko and Megan Press.  It is a precariously built mobile construction, made entirely from found, repurposed, manufactured objects.  The title is suggestive of mid-change (Meta-), excess and continuity (Etcetera), and the condition of being ungrounded in space by mechanical means (Hovercraft).  The project explores how the consumerist production of things defines materials as temporary and disposable, implying that the labour-time invested in making is likewise provisional and transitory.  The structure consists of materials from a variety of sources: cheap household products, packaging, portable furniture, fencing that is erected temporarily around construction sites, unwanted stuff left on the side of the road, short-lived holiday ornaments, etcetera. The structure itself is temporary.  After the exhibition, it will be disassembled back into modules, its identity again scattered in different directions and again redefined. The project alludes to the vulnerability of proletarian models of manufacture and how they can be easily hybridized into models of precarity. A hovercraft is associated with futuristic utopian ideals – more efficient mobility for more efficient societies, hybridization, control in defying gravity – but it is here paradoxically presented as a dystopian caricature that is clumsy and difficult to handle.  The project is a metaphor for unsustainability, the massive autonomy of material culture, and the fears associated with this lack of control.  The viewer is bodily confronted with the atrocity of stuff, and is invited to maneuver the Meta-Etcetera Hovercraft 1.0 in the gallery space. >>